Saturday, July 29, 2006

No Nonsense Israel

No Nonsense Israel

I understand that one of the goals of the Israeli government is to stop the terrorists in Lebanon. The only way to do so is to crush them. It will not be easy, since Mr. Barak fled Lebanon, leaving the terrorists ample opportunites to dig in and prepare for war. So with patience, the IDF must go in and destroy the enemy piece by piece. If Olmert is serious, that is. The war may just be one of his ruses. If he is going to finish the terrorists in Lebanon, he must also annihilate the murderers in Arab-occupied Gush Katif. He must call massive airstrikes and then bring in the IDF. In a word, reconquer the part of Lebanon they had before, and take back Gush Katif.
Since Mr. Olmert does not really want to destroy the terrorists, then nothing of the sort will happen.

That is, of course, unless Jewish patriots in Israel and elsewhere rise up and make it happen.


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