Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Dear Ahmed

I wonder more about the magical word, Peace. What do WE mean by it? More importanlty, what do the terrorists mean by it? Just imagine this letter written by a senior terrorist to his relative, new to the PR business:

My dear Ahmed:

I am dissapointed that you asked me what we mean by the Western word Peace. This is elementary, and you should have learned it in your training. Remember that the last thing we want to do is to DEFINE Peace. That is something that the enemy is supposed to do. Never let them even ask you what it means.

The enemy is desperate. They are weak. They wish to end all fighing. They are the sort that believe that if they're nice to us, we will be nice to them. They therefore perform pagan worship of peace, even using idols such as doves. Your business is to wave the word in front of them, much like you would catnip before a cat. They will grab for it, and so ayitng, even give us their precious territory. Of course, all this time, we will come closer to victory.

You see? Simply say the word over and over, and they will give you all we desire. You can dangle other words too, such as occupation and two-state solution. Never define these. Keep them in the dark for as long as you can.

I must run now to a Hate America feast, but I will write to you later.




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