Sunday, August 20, 2006

By the way, the UN is not your friend (or mine!)

Recently I received a petition from a Jewish organization asking me to join in demanding that the United Nations do something about anti-Semitism.

I never signed it. I do not see the point in asking a big bully who hates you to stop others from picking on you. I might as well ask a rabid grizzly bear to protect me from rabid wolves.

I, instead ask for the JEWS to do something obout anti-Semitism.

And why not? The stakes are high, and you should have plenty of incentive to fight the attitudes.
There is no shortage of ways to fight it. Why don't you start by fighting the anti-Jewish attacks on Israel by her own government leaders? There is no sense in pretending that Olmert and his friends support their own country. Rather, they are most impatient to destroy it.What is more patently anti-Jewish than telling the Jews that they have to leave their homes in their OWN land for no good reason? What about the police who beat up teenagers all over their bodies as they did in Amona? Would that not be anti-Semitism? Or do you wish to pretend it does not exist? Consider that even when the Arabs pour thousands of missiles into Israel, the government lifted barely a finger to stop it? How many more ways can the Israeli government say to its own people, "You are scum," and you ignore it?
A strong world Jewry, united in stopping this nonsense, will go far in toppling Olmert and his fellow criminals. Yet if you stay silent, you will allow atrocities like the ones of thousands of years, to continue.

Stop pretending. Fight!


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