Friday, September 01, 2006

The Kidnapper's Option

Indeed! I have often wondered why American Jews do not speak out en masse when nations assail Israel from tghe outside, and the Israeli leaders do equally heinous things against their citizens. Some do speak out and I am happy to know them. Others look at Israel as "They," the country having nothing to do with their lives.This attitude might change if a major economic downturn happens here and America becomes very hostile to the Children of Israel. Israel IS a place of refuge.

What bothers me to no end, and creates disillusionment here in the USA, is that there are American Jews who might want to support Israel, but refrain from doing so precisely because they believe that non-Jewish Americans will accuse them of being disloyal.

So, even in the United States, Jews live in fear.

Some want to play it safe. This leads to what I call the Kidnapper's Option. SImply put, the kidnapper demands a ransom for the captive. Once he receives the ransom, he can STILL kill that hostage.

So, someone is telling the American Jew, "Be quiet, and say nothing about Israel, or you will suffer greatly." For their quiet (the ransom), Israel will be detroyed, the refuge gone. Worse, this someone says, "Now you will suffer anyway!"

Silence helped to kill many men, women and children, decades ago. It is time to get spinal backplates and shout out.


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