Monday, September 04, 2006

The Consequences of Modern Idolatry

President Bush’s Road Map to Auschwitz is part of the New World Order. It seeks to tear Israel into pieces in order to destroy her. This should seem obvious, but so many Israelis have experience the numbing injection of PEEEEEACE, fortified by liberal amounts of Terror, that they do not see it. They hope that those pushing the NWO mean not what they say.

Yet the NWO monsters do mean what they say. They, like pagans of old, wish to make a Middle East without G-d-fearing Jews..

My point is this. Standing in the way of the Road Map, of Bush, of Rice, of UN and EU is the Jew. The Children of Israel, despite the strenuous efforts of Olmert, have not given up their love affair with the Torah. The people have not yet decided to abandon their G-d and worship the false Idols of Peace. Thus, the forces of Evil seek to destroy Judaism. They can’t do so directly, as Hitler tried to do, but they have decided to eliminate the religion by wiping out its expressions.

The enemy attacked the Jewish sites PRECISELY because they were Jewish sites. Sharon and his friends knew exactly what these meant to many Jews, and sought to demoralize the Jews by removing thise expressions. The Jewish leaders, believing the age-old lie that prostrating themselves before the god of this world is better than worshiping the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, played along. Before the expulsions of 2005, Israeli leaders have traded land for peace, much as Esau gave up his birthright for porridge. Thus they had to wipe out the strategic importance of Israel’s holdings in the Sinai, and even more crucially, the expression of Judaism represented by the mountain from which HaShem forged the Hebrews into a nation. Later, the leaders came against the outposts. Even synagogues faced destruction by Jewish soldiers and non-Jewish mercenaries. The outposts, symbols of G-d’s order to possess the land, had to go. This is the same for Gush Katif, and Amona, and soon, all of Shiloh, and of course, Hebron. In Gush Katif, as some of you will recall, not only did the soldiers beat and drag out the residents, but they also pulled out the graves, erasing Jewish Presence there.
The Temple Mount has the same problem. The Israeli leaders allowed the Waqf to excavate to so as to wipe out evidence of Jewish presence, thus the leaders and the Moslems had the same goal. Why the Prime Ministers have not yet bulldozed the Wall (for Peace) is beyond me.

The rest is speculation. It is only a matter of time for the IDF to destroy the Wall, pull out Jewish Jerusalem residents—in chains, of course—and give the ENTIRE city to the enemy. More of Israel will go, until only towns with no apparent Jewish significance remain. The synagogues will be destroyed. The laws of kashrut will be eradicated. Judaism will be outlawed, and Hebrew abolished. The noble “experiment” will vanish without a whimper.

In short, these are clear examples of modern idolatry. The world leaders do not make images of Moloch or Chemosh---or do they? Worshiping of false gods often requires human sacrifices, and they have decided to sacrifice Jews, and when they run out of Jews in Israel, they will turn to the Galut to satisfy the hunger of their deities. Is G-d just a symbol for goodness, and nothing more? The Israeli leaders have decided so. If they are right, Israel has no chance. If they are wrong, I pray they will be pleasantly surprised. But what are the Jews themselves doing to stop this treachery?

I fear Jewish people do not care. Will they care when they again face camps, torture, ovens? They must fight the enemy and their PM’s, at each and every point of Jewish expression. They must determine that they indeed are supposed to be where they are, in Israel, founded by G-d. They have no business asking ANY foreigner for their right to exist, let alone defend themselves. The Israelis, and Jews in the Galut, must grasp that they must stand against those who seek their end, and not pretend otherwise.


Blogger muse said...

so true

Monday, September 04, 2006 11:29:00 AM  
Blogger Tamar Yonah said...

The New World Order is trying not only to eliminate Judaism, but all religions, so watch out. Faith and higher values stand in the way of World trade and efficiency to make money with other governments, which is the goal of the NWO. I am glad you are upset about this, we all should be. Trade isn't bad, but when it is united under an umbrella organization that has no goals or ethics or conscience, then the world is in deep trouble if the only goal is to make money, ---at any price. Good piece you wrote.

Thursday, September 07, 2006 5:11:00 AM  

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