Monday, September 11, 2006

Why they hate us is not the question to ask

When the evil terrorists slammed into the World Trade Center, one of the questions asked here was "Why do they hate us?" As a result, some of us became quite contrite.
I say that the question was the wrong one to ask. The reason is THIS:

Remember that terrorists are thugs. They are hired hitmen. They do what they are told. How they feel about us is immaterial, save only that their feelings might motivate them to murder.

The questions to ask are these: WHO hired them and WHY? Terrorists do not obtain their weapons and bombs through bake sales. Someone had to give them the instruments of evil, and some of these instruments are quite sophisticated. I am talking about large instiutions, usually nations, who sponosr them.
The motivations of these sponsors are matters of interest. They may hate America and Israel, as many terrorists do. They may not care at all. They may be extremist entities, such as Iran. They may be "nice," moderate nations such as Saudi Arabia, which holds telethons for suicide bombers. They could be "misguided" entities such as the UN and EU. both of which give billions to the Palestinian Authorty as "Humanitarian Aid," knowing full well that the Arabs will use the funds to murder more Jews.
Once the Who and Why questions receive answers, then we must ask another: WHAT do we do about the terrorists? George Bush, to his credit, provided the answer by sending our troops off to war. He wanted to attack terrorists and those who harbor them. The problem is that he pretends that there are no terrorists in Israel and forces Israel to be nice to them. Either he has lost sight of the purposes of the war, or he has sinister ideas. He knows they are terrorists, in a quasi-state created of, by, and for terrorists. He knows who sponsors them, yet he encourages them. Is he afraid to go after the sponsors and risk a World War? Yet to stop these characters requires strong actions. If he does not want to wipe out the sponsors, then what is the point of the war? What is the point of this war to fight terrorism when he encourages Israeli leadership that is dedicated to give Israel to the Moslem wolves? I have bitterness here.

Israel I will not leave unscathed. Her mighty army can easily crush all terrorism in the country, but the leaders claim that this is not the case. However, the Israeli army is quite sufficient to beat Jewish settlers, especially teenagers. The leaders can resist the wiles of my country, but they choose to let the terrorists bring fear into lives of many of their fellow Jews.

All the above brings a final questoin: If we can do something about the terrorists, but fail to do so, WHY?


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