Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Revolutioon will not happen by itself!

Revolution will not occur by itself.

If you think that the Israeli people, tired of the treachery of their leaders, will spontaneously rise up against their evil taskmasters, throw them off, and return their nation to righteous rule, then you are wrong.

NO revolution, no riot, begins this way. There must be a catalyst, a spark.
The patriots who can be such sparks must know that the people are jaded and bitter. The treason at Gush Katif showed that leaders at all levels, even down to the rabbis, betrayed them. The patriots must show hope in a tangible way, and say why the people should bother to fight back, what will happen if they do not, and what the rewards will be if they win.

People will want to know exactly what they should do, so the patriots will have to tell them. The plan must be complete and must account for the actions of the enemy. The Maccabbees had no illusions as to their Hellenist foe. The plan must have ways to overcome today’s Hellenists.

The patriots have to be clear on this. The leaders of the country intend to destroy anything that is remotely Jewish. The reason is the same as for the Hellenists of old: These have decided to worship other gods. Of course, it doesn’t sound so sophisticated to modern ears, but the term applies and the Jew AS Jew is in grave danger.

The patriots can not allow any pretense: Israel has enemies and many of these are Israelis. The Maccabbees faced such problems, and prevailed.

Of course, I am aware that without G-d, the patriots cannot win. I hope that they trust in Him as they save their nation.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Where are the Jewish Patriots?

Migron is the new target of the Israeli government. The band of traitors known as Peace Now, supported by Israel’s enemies, want to wrest righteous Jewish citizens from that Jewish land and give it to the Moslem monsters who wish to kill them.

The residents of Migron are heroic, of course, but they need help. WHERE is this help coming from? It has to come from the other Jews in Israel. Where are they?

Why should WE fight for Israel’s very existence when the Israelis do not? I look for the millions of Jews, marching shoulder-to-shoulder with the patriots of Migron, preparing to fight to hold the land or die trying. I see nothing.

Empty desert.

There are those who might say, “Look, now, the IDF is about to keep us out. What can we do?” I argue that they look to the Maccabbees, who fought in spite of the mighty Greek force. I argue that they look to HaShem, who has helped Jews against overwhelming odds so many times. Do they believe in their G-d or not?

We pray to the G-d who is there. If He is NOT there, then Israel is finished. If He IS there, then Israel must fight

There are those who might say, “Look, Mark, you’re just a Gentile. You don’t live here. Who are you to tell us in Israel what to do? WE know the situation better than you do!”


Since they know the situation better than I do, I argue that they refuse to do what they have to do to save their nation. There seems to be precious few patriots in Israel, and I am not referring to flag-waving on Independence Day. IF there were sufficient number of patriots in Israel, then the abomination against Gush Katif would never have happened. IF there were sufficient patriots in Israel, then the Peace Now traitors would never see the light of day. IF there were sufficient patriots in Israel, my President would not DARE bully them.

The Maccabbees knew what to do. I am confident the Jews in Israel today know what they have to do. Do they have the WILL to do so?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Horror and Neglect of the Obvious

The purpose of my blog is twofold: It is my hope that the Jewish Israelis, as well as those in the Galut, first rid themselves of the nonsense coming from their leaders, and second, reclaim their nation.

For these happy results to occur, the citizens must turn their face toward the obvious. There are many obvious situations to choose from, so I will limit myself to 3 of them. First, there is discussion as to who is to blame for the continued missile assaults against Sderot. Then, there is action by the government to call Jewish lands non-Jewish and take Jewish citizens off the lands. Finally, the government stopped a man from blowing his Shofar at the Wall.

As to Sderot, it is obvious that the government officials should PREVENT such attacks. Providing shelters for the people to protect from missiles is all very well, but why not PULVERIZE the missile throwers? Of course, this means mobilizing the IDF and IAF in an all-out war, with the final result of rendering the enemy nonexistent, but to do this, the army would have to win. To Olmert and his friends, this would make too much sense. It would also make too much sense for the citizens to shout by the millions, demanding the government to let the army do its job.
It is equally obvious that if the leaders do not prevent the missile firings, then they wish the Arab bombardment to continue. Why murder the population if the Arabs can do it for them?

Israeli leaders believe that the lands of Israel are for sale—clearance sale. They especially want to rid Israel of any lands with Jewish significance. They will tear down synagogues BECAUSE the buildings are synagogues. They dragged Jews from Gush Katif precisely because Gush Katif is Jewish. They pulled out the Jewish gravesites precisely because these are Jewish gravesites.
It appears the settlers did no grasp the sinister intentions of their leaders and that is why the lack off effective resistance cost them dearly.

Finally, the police beat a man at the Wall simply because he committed the heinous crime of blowing his shofar. Actually, the questions surronding this incident do not go as far as they need to. The police action has been instructive. It shows that in Israel, it is ILLEGAL to be a Jew. The implications of this madness are yet to surface. The Jewish man blew his shofar at the Kotel because it was a Jewish thing to do. This is the reason for the attack. More will come. It is related to the police restricting Jewish activities at the Temple Mount. To be Jewish is to be anti-Hellenist, anti=Roadmap, and anti-Peace, or anti—whatever pagan deity you choose.
Summing up, the Israelis are suffering from an autoimmune virus. The Jewish leaders have declared the Jew to be illegal, for whatever reason and have taken steps to attack and destroy him, jut as Type 1 diabetes involves the body menacing its own pancreas. WHY the leaders are this why is fine for speculation, but the people must focus on the truth THAT the leaders are this way and fight to remove the disease from their land. It will require extensive surgery and blood.