Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Revolutioon will not happen by itself!

Revolution will not occur by itself.

If you think that the Israeli people, tired of the treachery of their leaders, will spontaneously rise up against their evil taskmasters, throw them off, and return their nation to righteous rule, then you are wrong.

NO revolution, no riot, begins this way. There must be a catalyst, a spark.
The patriots who can be such sparks must know that the people are jaded and bitter. The treason at Gush Katif showed that leaders at all levels, even down to the rabbis, betrayed them. The patriots must show hope in a tangible way, and say why the people should bother to fight back, what will happen if they do not, and what the rewards will be if they win.

People will want to know exactly what they should do, so the patriots will have to tell them. The plan must be complete and must account for the actions of the enemy. The Maccabbees had no illusions as to their Hellenist foe. The plan must have ways to overcome today’s Hellenists.

The patriots have to be clear on this. The leaders of the country intend to destroy anything that is remotely Jewish. The reason is the same as for the Hellenists of old: These have decided to worship other gods. Of course, it doesn’t sound so sophisticated to modern ears, but the term applies and the Jew AS Jew is in grave danger.

The patriots can not allow any pretense: Israel has enemies and many of these are Israelis. The Maccabbees faced such problems, and prevailed.

Of course, I am aware that without G-d, the patriots cannot win. I hope that they trust in Him as they save their nation.


Blogger Tamar Yonah said...

as long as people (in any country) can continue with their daily routines, and their comfort zones are not violated, there will be no uprising, no change. The risks of doing so could be jail, beatings, etc. So not unless people are REALLY affected, will people go to the streets.

Monday, January 01, 2007 5:24:00 AM  

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