Sunday, March 04, 2007

My Dear Ahmed II

My Dear Ahmed:

Yes! This nonsense about a Palestinian State is just that--nonsense. Your business is to make sure the gullible West does not know that.

You must realize that we are now in the best of both worlds. By being a quasi-nation, we have some autonomy and some freedom of movement. As long as we promise our masters from the Muslim countries that we mean to kill Jews--AND deliver--we receive some supply of weapons, if nothing else. They won't give us much of the means of life, for they want us to look impoverished, so we can say, "Look at what the evil Zionists are doing to us!" Otherwise, they leave us alone. On the other hand, as long as we wave the word "PEACE" in front of our Western dupes, we receive billions in aid, much of it we use as capital to buy more weapons. By the way, how do you like your new Lear?

I do not need to remind you to keep the West in the dark as to those billions.

The problem with a Palestinian State is that it constrains us. True, we will no longer have to smuggle guns and other toys through tunnels, but do you really think our masters will let us be sovereign? Of course not. They will want to put their nose into everything we do. They control the pursestrings, just as the Americans control Israel's, so they will dictate terms to us. Worse, if there is to be a great war against the Zionists, they will give us the weapons but will not lift a finger to provide reinforcements. We say that we will fight Israel to the last Palestinian. Our masters will say "We will fight Israel to the last Palestinian." Do you see? We are their footstool, and they will kick us around as much as they can. Oh, to have conquered King Hussein's regime! We were so close!
But I digress. You must not let the West know that we are the guttersnipes. Rather, you must make them believe we Muslims are united in a holy cause.

Finally, do not worry that you have blood on your hands. We ALL do. You might think it impossible for the Israelis and the rest of the infidels to see the blood. But they CAN'T. That Bush fellow certainly can't, and as long as this is the case, we can play our game. It would be nice if Israel by their own stupidity disintegrates, and our job would be easy, but their Army is still mighty, and thus we still need to be cautious. A horrid state of affairs but it may improve. Perhaps our Peace Now allies might be of great help.

By the way, you might have spared me that notion that you may be called to be a Shahid. Far from it! That is for the riff-raff to worry about. Rest easy and continue your work.


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