Monday, August 13, 2007

Who is the enemy?

Recently, the Israeli leadership dragged two families, and many girls defending them, out of their homes in Hevron. It took 3,000 troops to do this. It is clear that Olmert considers the Jewish pioneers to be the enemy.

He is very nice to the Arabs. He did not protest, did he, when President Bush wished to send more weapons to Fatah to fight Hamas.

But I thought Fatah members were TERRORISTS. I thought they vowed to kill Jews. I was under the impression that the only difference between them and Hamas is that tha latter has a religious imperative to kill Jews.
This detail does not bother Bush, nor does it bother Olmert,who was so nice as to send prisoners away just to help Abbas' political problems.

But I thought Abbas is a Holocaust denier. And look at his hands! I'm nearsighted, but even I can see them dripping with blood. I remember (don't you?) that he was Arafat's most trusted aide, and murdered alongside the now late monster.
But he SPEAKS the language of Peace, therefore, he is peaceful.

Bloody Nonsense!

In their own country, Jews are enemies, and the Moslems who want to kill them are friends. Actually, the truth is that both the Moslems and the Israeli leaders are the enemies of Israel. The Jewish People must wake up and solve this problem.


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