Friday, September 14, 2007

Now is the time to fight

Israel’s Prime Minister Olmert plans soon to destroy many Jewish towns to fulfill George Bush’s opium dream of another Arab state, this one within Israeli territory, and this one lethal. What will the Jews do about it?

They know that protests, even millions marching before Sharon dragged Jews out of Gush Katif in Gaza, are useless. Nor can they look to other government leaders. During Gush Katif, opposing cabinet members were fired, and other leaders bribed or threatened into submission. Even rabbis told their faithful not to fight when the traitorous army approached.

Nor can they look to the world. The EU and UN are salivating. George Bush endorsed Olmert precisely because Olmert would drag Jews out of their homes. We Americans would never tolerate such rape, but Bush wants Israelis to lie back and enjoy it.

Nor can they look to their fellow Jews here in America. Some have helped, but many are doing nothing, a disaster which existed when fellow Jews were in desperate straits over 60 years ago.

Negotiations and protests are futile. The only recourse the Israeli Jews have is hinted at in Patrick Henry’s famous speech. They will have to fight, or die.


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